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March 28 2017

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wanted to do a simple deer head were the eye wonders on the shape, always facing camera. Nightmare to rig.

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Angelina Jolie

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chronos typhoon - how it actually should be done in s3
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Linkshänder und Rechtshänder :D #catcontent

March 26 2017

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Pic of the week: PLIÉE

Passend zum beginnenden Frühling draußen, gibts von uns Frühling für drinnen! PLIÉE in fröhlichen, bunten Bezügen versprüht sommerliches Flair in kleinen und großen Räumen. http://ift.tt/2n6DExg

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sure, it's not every "whatever"...

Love #catcontent #Maurice

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Einmal in der Sonne gewesen und instant die ganze Fresse voller Sommersprossen. #Gesichtsfasching #Selfie

March 25 2017

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Photography Illustrations of Animals Featuring Fresh Flowers by Kari Herer

American photographer Kari Herer (previously) is known for her elegant and dainty designs, which feature the use of 3D objects along with carefully planned illustrations. To compose a piece, Herer usually uses flower petals to assimilate the pattern of the object drawn. You can find more elegant illustrations on her Etsy shop.

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